For individuals willing to explore new and exciting places, AVANT organizes exhilarating hunting, fishing or safari trips straight in the heart of the jungle. Extreme sports aficionados will also get their dream holiday, as they can select special travel packs which include bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing, kiting, scuba diving, snow boarding, mountain trekking, escalating and many other thrilling activities.

If your appetite for adventure transforms choosing a destination into a daunting task, we will supply your adrenaline with the best offers! Do you trouble yourself deciding whether to go in an exotic jungle safari or one in the middle of the desert?

We will help you choose between nature’s best adrenaline inducing places: jungle expeditions, flights over canyons and cascades, diving and holidays spent on a yacht, fishing contests or a Formula 1 racing spectacle, and these are just a few of the most appealing activities we can propose. Our country, Romania also provides unexpected and fantastic holiday activities: equitation, river rafting, kayaking and canoeing, zip line attractions, mountain biking, escalating, trekking, etc.


Today, the public’s fascination with “survival” themes brings into attention the travel offers that include gripping and mind-blowing adventures. Such amazing experiences are organized in various places around the world, depending on how and if you can handle the hardships of the competition. [read more…]


Hunting is considered an entertaining sport: it involves localizing, pursuing and catching the wild animals. You can return home with a trophy for your private collection or with many memories about a bewildering experience where you felt tension and adrenaline spiking due to the proximity of the targeted prey. Romania is one of Europe’s top locations for hunting. The King of Spain visits our country often and the hunting trips for wild boars organized by Ion Tiriac at Balc are already famous and are attended by renown hunters. If hunting is your passion, if you like discovering new locations and breathtaking landscapes, if you want to stay in the game and live unique experiences, we will help you be a part of new opportunities meant to expand your horizon. [read more…]


A safari expedition can easily be the ideal holiday for people willing to combine adventure, culture, history, nature, relaxation, unique cuisine experiences with extraordinary places and scenery. A wonderful vacation for the ones who love nature can be transformed into an unforgettable experience by the numerous activities which can be included in a safari: Trekking Safari, Mountain biking Safari, Rafting Safari and Climbing Safari. You can participate in a safari expedition organized around the Globe and enjoy the fantastic landforms nature has to offer. [read more…]


For fishing aficionados, who wish to practice their skills and enjoy this hobby while discovering lakes and rivers, the Danube Delta, or other fascinating locations, we have many excellent offers, which can be personalized. Therefore, fishing activities can be combined with trips and other specific activities for the country or place they wish to visit. [read more…]


If you wish to visit our country or a place from another continent just to practice extreme sports, you can count on our support and guidance so that your decision is the best. We will offer you not just a simple solution for your vacation but a complete services pack which includes personalized activities, because we enjoy creating unique and memorable experiences, specific to that corner of the world you wish to be a part of and discover. [read more…]

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