A trip to Disneyland will definitely make your children feel spoiled and happy. You can choose a Greece resort where even the little ones will enjoy special activities according to their age group and nobody will be disappointed. Stunning carousels and pirate themed parks, pools and high waterfalls, reindeer safaris in a winter wonderland and snowy forests and landscapes, these are just a few fabulous and entertaining destinations for your family.

The way we feel and our needs are constantly changing factors and our destinations might change accordingly. For short periods of time we want to change the environment, the landscapes and to visit other cities, breathe a different air and recharge our batteries with energy from newly discovered places.

Just tell us where you would like to go, how much time and how much money you are willing to spend and we will recommend the offers that meet your requirements.

  • Themed parks dedicated to children, safaris in Lapland – Santa Claus Village, toy museums, survival camps or adventures on accessible slopes for our little ones, these are just a few of the destinations that will encourage your children to be active. Children learn best when they have fun so AVANT will make sure that all their holidays are absolutely fascinating. For families who plan a Disneyland trip or a tour of the Loire Valley, our solutions will satisfy the big ones and feed the curiosity of the little ones. [read more…]

  • All-inclusive holidays and hotel resorts feature services and amenities specially designed for families with children. Some offer magic moments for the little ones: pools designed for children, playgrounds, kids clubs, aqua-parks, playstations, around the clock buffet with fruits and sweets, etc. For adults, such resorts provide the following: clubs, bars, billiard tables, fitness and gym halls, sauna, massage, Jacuzzi or the possibility to practice sports (ping-pong, mini golf, wind surf, canoe, nautical ski, parasailing, etc.) [read more…]

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