A successful business entails good strategy and practice made possible through great people and suitable opportunities.

AVANT BUSINESS has the experience and expertise necessary for offering marketing support and promotion tailored for small to medium companies or important market leaders.

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    AVANT BUSINESS offers consulting for products and services analysis, launching of brands or newly released products and services together with development of client relationship.

    AVANT BUSINESS proposes a plan for establishing and applying a marketing strategy according to targeted markets, characteristics of feature clients and special features of promoted products/services.

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    AVANT BUSINESS offers consulting for creating and implementing complete marketing solutions according to strategic short, medium or long term objectives. Through competition’s study and analyzing the projected outcome, requests and consumer habits of company clients we will select the most profitable promotion and advertising plan.

    The pathway to profit starts with development and continues with production, distribution and promotion. We provide consulting in order to place on the market each product, taking into consideration the price and perfect timing so that product awareness will increase together with the number of clients. Our efforts will be centered on brand identity.

    AVANT BUSINESS will build a strong brand and the positive perception will be centered on quality. After agreeing on a marketing strategy we will continue with a marketing action plan and we will get involved in developing all marketing projects for our clients. The best results will be provided though periodic debates organized in order to evaluate the developed activity.

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    The type, quality and content of advertising and promotional products must be carefully selected each time. They are important features which “talk” about a company’s services, products and identity to its clients and partners just like business cards do.

    AVANT BUSINESS offers solutions for presenting company image and identity through accessible and remarkable ways to its clients and potential clients. We provide the following advertising and promotional materials: portfolios, catalogues, brochures, flyers and leaflets, posters and other types of printed materials, audio-video products, CD/DVD or personalized promotional materials that feature the company’s logo like ball pens, fountain pens, watches, clothes, footwear, toys, etc.

    Such instruments bring the company’s message closer to its targeted audience and create visibility, credibility and notoriety through brand identity, products and services.

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