For those who enjoy cultivating their passions even during their holidays, AVANT creates the most pleasant “learning sessions”. If you plan on taking cooking or dance lessons or you ardently wish to learn how to play a guitar, or maybe you dreamed of learning how to paint and sculpt, the personalized trip plans will create the perfect opportunities for you so that you will be able to combine active relaxation and entertainment.

The passion to explore new aromas, “taste” and explore art around the world, meet new people, places and understand traditions is what makes you travel from the exotic Asia to the modern America, from cosmopolitan cities around Europe to the wild savannas found in Africa. Each festival, sanctuary, historical facts, museum, exhibition, piece of art or musical notes heard from a street musician will enchant your senses.

  • What will I discover? What will I taste? What or who will I encounter during my next adventure? Such natural curiosities define the experience of exploring a new place that has a lot to offer. The Diwali Festival of Lights, the Rio Carnival, the Venetian Masked Ball, and all Christmas Festivals are fabulous events that you can choose to be a part of.[read more…]

  • The magnificent architecture and buildings from Dubai, the Great Wall of China, white sand beaches, the Galapagos Islands from the Pacific, all these wonderful places or nature’s wonders have an impressive history, sometimes hidden from view, which will bring you closer to the visited places. If you want to experience memorable trips visit both the old and the new parts of a city so that you will be able to understand and appreciate the local culture.[read more…]

  • Art, architecture, sculpture, photography, dancing, cooking and all the fantastic crafts are great reasons why tourists from all over the world choose to visit the most surprising corners of our wonderful Planet. Major cities of the world feature an impressive array of examples for each side of this complex universe called “art”.[read more…]

  • Concerts of famous international stars are important touristic attractions. The ones who wish to spend two-three days in a city will have the opportunity to also attend the concert of their favorite artist. Each year numerous concerts are organized in European cities that are worth visiting. But, according to your budget, you can also explore other continents in search of thrilling experiences.[read more…]

  • Each and every one of us reaches a turning point some time along the way: it can be financial, romantic, spiritual, etc. In many cases we can feel that we have reached our limit and nothing seems to work anymore and our entire existence becomes meaningless. What do we do during such moments? Some let it go and move on. Others search for answers, try to surpass the blockage by any means and an important road can lead them to their spiritual side. Such spiritual journeys can take you on pilgrimages towards holy places or temples where you can meditate. [read more…]

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