Whether you want to participate in business events or be in the crowd at concerts of world’s famous bands, be a part of sports events or attend cultural events of the year or the most interesting local festivals, AVANT Business & Travel Solutions will take care of the entire travel plan providing all-inclusive services:

    • purchase of tickets and passes for events
    • booking of plane, train tickets
    • hotel booking
    • transfer to/from the airport
    • travel planning & itinerary proposals
    • rent-a-car
    • travel insurance
    • tour guide services, etc.
    • Avant Business offers support and specialized services so that you can attend fairs, conferences, or special business events, organized in our country or around the world.


If you wish to attend a carnival, festival, sports event or competition, don’t hesitate to ask for further details as Avant Business will come up with a solution so that your demands will be met.

If you want to participate in an event that is not on our list, you can still ask for support in order to purchase a ticket and ensure accommodation and all the necessary travel details so that your experience will be an outstanding one.

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