A holiday is not just “that time of the year when you don’t go to work”. It is your chance to make a change, to learn about new ways of living and understand the best way to relax. The dream holiday can be a romantic and luxurious yacht cruise, or several days spent at a wellness & spa center or a romantic getaway on an exotic beach, or even a great shopping spree. Each trip leaves some great memories behind especially if you can combine a trip with a unique moment in your life like your honeymoon or an anniversary.

AVANT offers the best advices to its clients, always taking into consideration their most ardent wishes and helps them decide whether they want to transform an ordinary holiday into an unforgettable one.

  • Today, when distances no longer pose any problems, event the most exotic and remote islands can be visited. This diversity transforms planning a holiday into a real challenge and we are here to guide you. You can choose a Mediterranean cruise, or an idyllic and isolated and green island with impeccable beaches, or you can pamper yourself at a luxurious ski resort near a mountain top. [read more…]

  • Maximum pampering, the pleasure of waking up late, a delicious glass of wine – these are just a few perfect ingredients meant to banish every day stress during a holiday. Such activities can be done anywhere but a holiday spent at an adults’ exclusive resort can bring back the joy of living.[read more…]

  • Discover nature during surprising and delightful trips spent on board of a luxurious cruise ship or admire breathtaking landscapes from the window of a train. Travel to resorts dedicated to golfing or to islands where you can dive and admire rare species of fish. Explore passion filled Latin cities or take cooking or dancing classes while you try your hand at bowling. There are so many things you can experience during your holidays. [read more…]

  • Your honeymoon is a unique moment that must happen in a fairytale place. Choosing the perfect location to spend your honeymoon is quite a daunting task. If you wish to select an exotic destination, the Seychelles islands are considered to be the most beautiful in the world, together with the Maldives or Bali and Mauritius.[read more…]

  • If “Sales” and “Discounts” posters make your heart beat faster, then you must let us help you select the best places where you can enjoy quality shopping sprees according to whatever you wish to buy. [read more…]

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