According to services provided by AVANT Business Solutions, partner companies and clients benefit from:

  • seamless and innovative concept together with efficient solutions adapted to company needs;
  • optimized costs through integrated and personalized services;
  • confidentiality, quality, efficiency and professionalism;
  • performance in achieving medium and long term targets;
  • permanent communication between involved parties and thorough knowledge of each participant’s demands and expectations;
  • Marketing Consulting in order to build a strong corporate identity and reputation and practice brand awareness in a competitive business environment;
  • Organizing Events: conferences, seminars, business meetings, workshops;
  • Motivational Training (Incentives) organized and planned for company employees and for building clients and business partners trust in the company. This type of training is an important motivational factor meant to strengthen corporate culture and environment, develop respect practiced in partnerships and grow the company brand and reputation in today’s market.
  • Business Travel and Custom Holiday Solutions: intelligent solutions for business and holiday travels and activities. We will select together the most inspired and suitable locations. Traveling means more than what meets the eye, it offers the chance to change and learn about new ways of living.

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