Traveling means more than what meets the eye, it gives you the chance to change and learn more about new ways of living and how to feel relaxed and at ease.

Avant Travel Solutions offers you the opportunity to discover culture and traditions specific to each visited country, whether you prefer adventure, Eco-friendly, relaxation or family holidays.

You always receive insightful advice about your desired destinations but never why you should visit that particular location? Which is a suitable destination for yourself and your family, what time of the year is best for visiting the Danube Delta, what is the weather like and which season is to be preferred if u wish to travel to Thailand?

Avant Travel Solutions prefers to work together with the client. We analyze all requests, wishes and ideas together and after all details are carefully addressed, we plan for you the most beautiful holiday and always include precious recommendations meant to transform the experience into a memorable holiday!

A trip to Disneyland will definitely make your children feel spoiled and happy. You can choose a Greece resort where even the little ones will enjoy special activities according to their age group and nobody will be disappointed. Stunning carousels and pirate themed parks, pools and high waterfalls, reindeer safaris organized in a winter wonderland with snowy forests and landscapes, these are just a few fabulous and entertaining destinations for your family.

A holiday is not just “that time of the year when you don’t go to work”. It is your chance to make a change, to learn about new ways of living and understand the best ways to relax. The dream holiday can be a romantic and luxurious yacht cruise, or several days spent at a wellness & spa center, or a romantic getaway on an exotic beach, or even a great shopping spree.

For individuals willing to explore and test their senses, AVANT organizes exciting holidays that include hunting, fishing or safaris in the heart of the jungle. Extreme sports aficionados can also enjoy their perfect holiday as we can include bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing, scuba diving, snow boarding, hiking, trekking, escalation and many other thrilling activities to make their stay unforgettable.

The passion to explore new aromas, “taste” and explore art around the world, meet new people, places and understand traditions is what makes you travel from the exotic Asia to the modern America, from cosmopolitan cities around Europe to the wild savannas found in Africa. Each festival, sanctuary, historical facts, museum, exhibition, piece of art or musical notes heard from a street musician will enchant your senses.

Eco-tourism helps one understand the need to protect and preserve nature, local traditions and culture. Nature is fascinating and diverse, an endless source of new and fascinating experiences; nature brings flavor, color and gives life a new meaning and makes your holidays unique and filled with unforgettable moments. Eco-holidays are the best way to understand how to preserve our natural resources and reduce our negative impact during our holidays. We want our future generations to enjoy and discover the same natural wonders our planet has to offer, just the way we do it today.

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